Human to human. It’s the best way to communicate. Even when what you’re talking about is cold, hard tech.

Take the project we undertook for Fujitsu UK.

When the global giant needed to spread the word about its range of laptops, we gave technology a face – and a voice – to strengthen its appeal to the (very human) audience.

The work went down so well, it achieved 300 leads and a ROMI of 10:1. It also won first prize at the WPI Impact Awards.

In the words of our client at Fujitsu;

“This campaign might have been charming, but it packed the punch we needed to get results.”

The fact is, human understanding underpins our whole approach as a business. Both in how we treat each other and how we deliver client work.

At our Human Understanding Lab, our neuroscientists, research practitioners, trends analysts and data scientists work hard to put people at the heart of everything we do.

Learn more about this project here, or visit this page to find out more about our Human Understanding Lab.