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The Ask

People who want to unlock the potential of their people work with Thomas International.


Because Thomas has a psychometric platform that gives insight into behaviour, aptitude and personality. That makes it great for businesses, but also really good for schools and colleges. 

So, when Thomas had an opportunity to promote the platform on US TV channel Fox College Sports, it jumped at the chance. It needed to move fast though. It had just two weeks to create an ad that would resonate with coaches and teachers. 

So, Thomas passed it our way.


The Answer

Thomas wanted a story that would bring what it does for schools and colleges to life. It wanted to show how it helps get the best out of students on, and off, the sports field.

The answer was to dial up the emotion. We got into the heads of coaches, turned the tables on them, and gave them a team talk. At the heart of it was the message that, to succeed in sport or life, you need to make decisions based on insight not guess work.


The Good Stuff

When the ref called time, the final whistle blew, substantial ladies sang, we had the result we were looking for. The crowd at Thomas went wild. 

Too much? 

Anyway, Thomas was really pleased with the work. Its CEO said:

“This is an excellent piece of work….I am absolutely blown away by the quality.”