Helping Onnec make a global connection

Onnec. The connection is everything.

The Ask

After acquiring Kedington and LOAD Services AB, ExcelRedstone has grown into one of the leading creators of connected environments. But the new, enlarged group of companies wanted to align, internally and externally, as a single global brand, bringing all its entities and geographies under a single name.

We were therefore tasked with a complete rebrand. To identify everything from the values that underpin the organisation to the new look, feel and name that would resonate with a global audience.


The Answer

To generate an authentic and impactful new brand, we had to go back to the beginning. And ask both customers and employees what they saw as the common characteristics and strengths of the organisation.

From an obsession with creating the connectivity that drives success, to a desire to connect with their customers on a human level, we spotted the unifying factor that the business could rally behind. As we put it in the brand story ‘the connection is everything’. The connection between data centre and offices. The connection between provider and client. The connection between aims and outcomes. The connection between Onnec’s people – wherever they work.

From the purpose at the heart of the organisation (‘To create success through connections’)… to the tone of voice… to the new logo and visual identity… the theme of connection ran through every part of the rebrand.

We even derived the new name for the business – Onnec – from the letters at the heart of the word connection.

Onnec was (re)born and ready to reveal itself. First, to its own people. And, then, to a wider audience. For the former, we created internal collateral such as desk drops, brand guidelines, merchandise and pull up banners. For the latter, we created the website, videos, emails and other assets that Onnec would use to announce its new brand to the world.


The Good Stuff

The new brand recently launched to an internal and, later, an external audience on time – and to acclaim.

Onnec now has a strong, modern identity, which it’s using to both cement relationships with existing customers and stand out in the market.

But the impact on an external audience is only half the story. With a story rooted in truth, Onnec’s employees can get behind a shared purpose – further uniting what were historically separate organisations. The clear, single-minded brand can also help to support future growth.

It’s early days for the new brand, but it’s already generating excitement.

Here’s what our client had to say about the project:

"Thanks to everyone at TMW Business for making the launch a success. There was a real sense of change and togetherness – which was what we wanted. I have no doubt that our new united brand will really connect us to each other and our customers."

Dexter Harriss, Global Marketing Director

"With our new brand, we get a clear, distinctive position in the market. This will be fundamental to our future success and growth."

Kevin Sparks, Chief Growth Officer