Capturing HR teams’ imaginations for Talentsoft

Talentsoft. HR Grumbles.

The Ask

Talentsoft knows that ill-fitting HR tech = unhappy employees and inefficient processes. Which is why it designed Talentsoft Hub – the flexible platform that fits around people.

However, while Hub has been in the market for a good few years now, it wasn’t getting the recognition or attention it deserved across Europe. So, when the team asked us to come up with a multi-region, multi-channel, as-soon-as-you-can-please campaign that pushed creative boundaries while also playing into their brand-new brand guidelines…*catches breath*… we were excited to rise to the challenge.

Read on to learn how we convinced HR decision-makers that Talentsoft can fix a whole host of HR problems. Spoiler alert: all it took was a little imagination.


The Answer

To get the audience questioning how well their current HR tech fits their people, we drew attention to (and brought to life) their most common problems.

Thus, The Grumbles were born – ownable, loveable, whimsical creatures that hide in HR systems and wreak havoc for employees and business leaders alike. Before we knew it, we’d created a whole family of them – The Confuser, The Burden, The Data Hoarder, and The Time Drain – and a whole set of nature-doc style animations.

Personifying the audience’s problems in this way allowed Talentsoft to truly stand out on the web, in emails, across social media, and at various industry events.

It also fuelled a spotters’ guide-style hero content piece, which we hosted on Turtl – an interactive content platform that makes it soooooo much easier to track and convert leads than your typical PDF.

The Results

For our lovely clients, it was the case of ‘no grumbles here’. They loved putting their name to such a colourful, stand-out project, and were dedicated to spreading the word on social media. Following initial demand gen activities, our imaginative campaign:

  • Prompted 930 potential customers to complete our LinkedIn Lead Gen forms.
  • Scored an incredible 74 sales leads.
  • Smashed LinkedIn CTR and engagement targets (in France, for example, The Grumbles achieved an engagement rate of 2.85%, leaving the original target of 0.89% in the dust).

As for general awareness, the campaign:

  • Made 157,214 impressions on LinkedIn in its first month.
  • Surpassed CTR industry averages in all regions.
  • Achieved above-average completion and video view-through rates.
  • Beat target engagement rates in key markets (more than four times the target, in France; and more than twice the target, in Germany).

Better still, we might end up seeing even more of The Grumbles in the near future. Thanks to its versatile nature, our campaign can flex to suit any other Talentsoft product or audience. Basically – wherever there’s a problem, there could be a Grumble lurking behind the scenes.