Getting HR solutions to talk about people, not technology

Sage People. Know Your People


The Ask

In this ‘age of the employee’ the battle for talent is fierce. Attracting and keeping the best people is key to gaining an edge in a competitive market. But to do so, you need to really understand people.

Sage People’s HR software gives you the insight you need to inspire employees. Our job was to associate Sage People with the latest thinking in HR. And to create and nurture leads.


The Answer

Sage People uses the cloud and analytics to help you manage your workforce better. To get that message across, we commissioned a piece of primary market research, which explored data science, ‘people companies’ and commercial success. Then, we brought the finding of the report to life with the campaign 'Know your people. Drive your business.'

The research (and subsequent content) drew clear links between people companies and growth. It also elevated the conversation about HR – by focusing on topics like scientific rigour and respect for the individual. What’s more, the research teased out four different audience profiles that we brought to life in our campaign, via an online profiler. It meant we could show (as well as tell) our audience that we understood them. And it meant that we could give them more personalised content.

In social media, display, infographics, white papers and at events, we used throwaway, misguided comments on individuals as headlines. Behind the headline, when showed that individual making a mockery of the comment. This brought home the risk of gut feel over data. A mistake HR professionals wouldn't make with Sage People.


The Results

The campaign:

  • gave Sage People ownership of key research in its market and the language around people science.
  • kept people close with a nurture programme
  • made prospects self-diagnose with an online profiler
  • created a healthy sales pipeline