Helping Kheiron start a revolution in cancer detection

Rebranding Kheiron Medical


The Ask

Kheiron Medical uses AI to help radiologists detect cancer earlier – giving patients a better fighting chance against the disease.

Initially, Kheiron came to us for a compelling piece of content. So, it could start talking to healthcare professionals.

But as we worked together, we realised a step back – to look at the healthtech’s story and identity – could help it to take two steps forward.


The Answer

Kheiron’s AI solutions are doing things that have never been done before. Which gives their services the potential to be truly game-changing – improving the lives of patients and radiologists around the world. Before rushing to talk about products and features, then, we wanted to define its story – one of revolution through AI. This led to the tagline ‘Join the AI revolution’: a rallying call for change that could underpin its marketing.

With a clear, sustainable message for the market in place, it was time to turn to Kheiron’s visual identity. From a new suite of iconography to a fresh and punchy colour palette, we reinvigorated the company’s look and feel – producing a new style guide to complement Kheiron’s story.

Kheiron now had the brand elements to tie all their communications together – for more consistency and more impact. Which gave us the tools to roll out the brand across a revamped website, ebook, blogs, social posts, event banners and a campaign called ‘31 Wishes’.

Timely and heartful, ‘31 Wishes’ took place in October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It featured 31 videos of people who have been affected by breast cancer telling their own story.

You can read the blog about this campaign here >


The Results

This rebrand helped elevate Kheiron’s position in the healthcare industry by focusing on its mission – improving outcomes for patients, so they have a better chance of survival.

The emotional message really resonated with the audience; while the refreshed design gave Kheiron a distinctive platform to drive home its desire to change cancer diagnostics for good.

From our client’s point of view, by thinking a little deeper, we helped Kheiron look a lot further:

“Working with TMW Business has been fantastic. They immediately understood what we were all about. And created something that was sensitive to our audience’s needs yet truly stand-out. Thanks to their inventive approach, we’ve been able to capture – and hold – potential customers’ attention across all kinds of touchpoints."

“Ultimately, the true testament to the strength of our brand is how it resonates with our customers and the patients they serve. I’ve had customers thank us for bringing humanity and empathy into our brand. And I’ve had breast cancer survivors and women currently facing diagnoses thank us for the opportunity to share their story as part of 31 Wishes.”

Gina Mehmert
Vice President, Global Commercial Marketing