Putting Microsoft at the centre of collaboration

Microsoft. Built for Teamwork


The Ask

Collaboration is a hot topic. Businesses know it can help them to capture the ideas they need to stay one step ahead. But good teamwork can be hard to achieve. Teams are dispersed. Different people like to work in different ways. And not all spaces work for teamwork.  

The right tech can cut through these problems. And Microsoft has just what you need. Our job was to put Microsoft in the middle of the discussion about how to create more than the sum of your parts.


The Answer

Let your differences unite you

Baby boomer or millennial, geek or technophobe, the differences between you and your fellow workers are a cause for celebration. Because, when you have the right devices, apps and spaces, your people’s individual differences become your team’s strengths.

Our campaign showed how – with a little help from Microsoft – a potential problem is a strength.

Our positive message associated Microsoft with positive results. Through ads, emails and social media we set out our stall. Showing doodlers and bullet-pointers, video callers and face-to-facers. And uniting them.

From here we warmed to our theme. Webpages served up more in-depth content, like infographics, podcasts, quizzes and more. All drawing on insights from Microsoft’s own research into collaboration. We also ran an event with Management Today, where industry leaders discussed teamwork and shared experiences.

Once we’d earned authority, we bridged the gap from theory to practice – with content like device pickers (to showcase how Surface devices connect people).

In isolation, our assets for certain channels had impact. But together, they created a nurture stream for corporate decision-makers wanting to get the best out of their people.

In parallel to all this activity to target businesses directly, we created concierge kits for partners. So, they could take the teamwork story to the market too.

The Results

Over 17 million people saw our campaign on search and social. It also achieved:

  • 148,727 visits to the campaign landing page (six times the target).
  • 2,889 new leads from form fills.
  • High engagement, which massively reduced cost-per-click.

In the client’s own words:

“This was a joined-up campaign. The effectiveness of the mix is shown in the results. It has put Microsoft at the heart of the teamwork conversation.”