Getting technology to speak for itself

Fujitsu. If Tech Could Talk

The Ask

Testing, testing, one, two.

It’s hard to be heard in a crowded market. But Fujitsu notebooks and workstations have the features to stand out. The problem? Fujitsu only sells to businesses. So, it lacks the brand recognition of some of its competitors who also sell to consumers.

Fujitsu came to us with a tough job (their words). Create more awareness of Fujitsu in a space dominated by others. And generate sales. To get noticed, and stick in the mind, we needed to give Fujitsu a voice.


The Answer

The best campaigns are based on an insight. Ours was: ‘Fujitsu devices are the tech other tech wants to be’. From there, it was a logical step to our creative concept: ‘If tech could talk’.

In a series of scroll-stopping videos, we asked workplace tech what it thought about Fujitsu’s sleek, powerful devices. From paranoid printers to curious cables, our cast really let loose. But, while their personalities and opinions differed, they all made one thing clear – that Fujitsu’s tech is worth talking about.  

While our videos got watched, liked and commented on, this campaign also gave our targeted audience somewhere to go. We created a campaign landing page that made full use of existing Fujitsu content about new workplace models. And we created new content like an infographic and a survey of UK IT leaders – in partnership with IDG. We then worked with IDG and CIO UK to create content (factoring in the results of our survey with IT leaders) and distribute it across their networks. Next, we distributed our campaign across the TechTarget ecosystem through content syndication.

As a final tactic, we gave Fujitsu employees a suite of social content to re-post themselves.

From a short watch to a long read, our content made it clear why Fujitsu devices are the right fit for your business.


The Results

Our campaign got people talking:

  • 4 million impressions, 237,206 videos views and 8,865 click-throughs.
  • 692 likes and 68 comments from a carefully targeted audience.
  • An extra 6,250 visitors to (a 15% increase).
  • High dwell time on campaign articles.
  • 300 leads, turning into 40 qualified sales opportunities.
  • A ROMI of nearly 10:1.

‘If Tech Could Talk’ also got tongues wagging at award ceremonies. It won the Worldwide Partners Impact award for the Global B2B category 2020. The global panel of judges included Adweek, Getty Images and The Berlin School of Creative Leadership. It was also shortlisted for the Best Digital Campaign at The Drum B2B Awards.

But we’ll give the final word to our client:

“This campaign might have been charming, but it packed the punch we needed to get results.”

David Weeks
Marketing Manager, Client Computing Devices & Education Fujitsu UK