Turning a change into a position of strength

Datasite. Where deals are made

The Ask

Change can get complicated. Merrill Corp knew that better than most. The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) SaaS provider helped businesses around the world turn big deals into, well, no big deal. So, when it was time for a rebrand, Merrill Corp knew it paid to get some expert advice.

We’d have to work smartly. We inherited a launch date just months away. So, we talked priorities and timelines. Then, got to work.


The Answer

Merrill Corp was becoming Datasite. But it wanted to change more than its name. It also wanted a new, more ambitious position in the market. We worked closely with Datasite’s ECD to define Datasite as the digital home of M&A. Then we created the brand platform, guidelines and creative campaign to  inspire Datasite’s people and customers alike.

In a matter of weeks, everything came together for the launch. By then, we’d developed a new visual and verbal identity, put together a brand-anthem video, created a new website www.datasite.com, and rolled out launch assets to show everything off (in four languages, including Chinese and Japanese). And a good deal more.


The Results

Datasite is delighted with the new brand and the launch. We even got a standing ovation from the Datasite leadership team.

Datasite’s VP of product marketing told us:

“Thank you for helping us with a successful brand launch. Your contributions have helped us greatly with outside-in-thinking.”

And the firm’s executive creative director said:

“I’m delighted – I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Beyond the business, the new brand has boosted engagement on the website and with social posts, too. Some highlights include:

  • An 80% increase in unique website visitors in the two weeks after launch.
  • 120 leads generated in the same period.
  • The most (and fastest) views Datasite has ever had for a social asset (our ‘brand anthem’ video).

Now, our brand look and voice are out there, guiding everything Datasite and its local agencies do.