Turning every contact into a potential lead across the public sector

Capita. Productivity and Citizen Experience.


The Ask

Capita offers around 30 very diverse (and often quite niche) products and services to central and local UK governments. However, the target audience are a hard bunch to reach, often tied into long purchase cycles and procurement frameworks.

Understandably, Capita had trouble connecting with public sector people and creating long-term pipelines. It needed to make an impact – and keep prospects feeling the love in the long-run.


The Answer

The first port of call: shift the conversation from an inward-looking product focus to an outward-facing audience one. So, we developed a conversational approach to drive effective awareness of Capita in the government space.

We established two umbrella campaigns, one for Productivity and one for Citizen Experience.

The Productivity creative approach focused on using existing data and resources to achieve ambitions, with the tagline “Put everything you’ve done into everything you do.”

The Citizen Experience creative approach focused on creating a stronger partnership to achieve better outcomes together, with the tagline “You’re closer with Capita”.

To nurture sales opportunities long-term, we balanced lead generation with brand-building activities over a 12+ month period. A multi-channel media plan included regular content, propriety research to ensure stand-out thought leadership, gated content and more.

The Results

We greatly exceeded expectations by generating over 600 MQLs in the first half of the campaign which delighted our clients.

“Insight. Strategy. Creativity. All strengths of the TMW Business team that have allowed us to change the way we think about and execute campaigns. Big brains, deep thought and action when it matters.”

Jason Comer, Strategic Head of Marketing.