Helping Bizagi market with intent

Bizagi. Breakthrough


The Ask

As a leader in business process automation, Bizagi knows the power of using the right data in the right place at the right time. So, when we devised a data-led, automated approach to its demand gen, we were talking the software company’s language.

Bizagi wanted to grow awareness with a targeted list of global accounts. But it didn’t want to waste its time. It needed to know who was showing the right level of interest in its products. And where these people existed in the same business. So, it could connect with the most active prospects and convert leads, fast.


The Answer

To answer this brief, we needed to spot intent (to buy process automation software) and consensus (amongst members of the same organisation).

We started with Bizagi’s existing database – using Marketo to analyse it for intent. Then we worked with Cyance and TechTarget to find new prospects who were actively researching business process automation.

Armed with this intent data, we built an audience through Google Customer Match for PPC ads. And we repeated the trick on LinkedIn. Then, we created programmatic ads to target the IPs we’d identified through Cyance. And we added content creation and syndication with IDG.

Finally, we refined the process for nurturing prospects. Shortening the journey and matching the cadence to the engagement. So, the more interest they showed, the more interactions they received. This twin approach created MQLs faster.

Whilst our campaign was highly-targeted and efficient, it required very little management from Bizagi. This kept Bizagi’s marketers free to put their efforts into other areas, while the campaign took care of itself.


The Results

Our intent-driven demand generation campaign generated:

  • 811 new leads from named target and consensus accounts from PPC, Social, Content Syndication, Programmatic Advertising and Partner Networks (not including marketing influenced leads)
  • We delivered those leads at an average cost per acquisition of just £81 for social, and £192 across all channels combined.

The campaign also increased the:

  • Email open rate from 15.48% to 33.59%
  • Email click rate increased from 1.21% to 10.16%
  • Email CTO (click to open) rate from 7.81% to 29.91%
  • AQL (automation qualified lead) conversion rate from 1.32% to 13.25%
  • Like-for-like AQL generation from 507 to 972 


"This campaign really made the most of our spend. It got the right content to the right people at the right time - with few demands on our time. Plus, it all translated into more engagement and more leads.

Holly Harding, Global Marketing Programs Manager