Helping Kronos give the market something to think about

Kronos. Remarkable Humans

The Ask

Workforce solutions company Kronos was already big in America. But it was less well-known in Europe.

Our job was to grow awareness of its brand in EMEA – starting with the UK. And help the sales team to start conversations with 230 accounts across three key sectors (manufacturing, retail and distribution).


The Answer

New technology. New laws. New business models. Today’s companies operate against a backdrop of disruption. There are defences. Innovation, for one. A resilient and distinctive culture. More personal customer experiences. But these things are only possible with engaged employees.

Which is where Kronos enters. Its products help companies engage and support their people. And make the most of their talents. This showed us our proposition: the human edge. And led to our creative campaign: remarkable humans. Through a series of intriguing DMs we introduced everyday workers with extraordinary talents. People like Kat. A sales assistant and sculptor. She has passion, imagination and attention to detail. If you harness these traits, and the attributes of all your people, your business will get more creative, more productive and more successful.

From this broader message, we targeted four key themes: innovation and technology; culture; CX; and talent. Each quarter, we brought one of these themes to life through our DMs, an email campaign, short graphical pieces like infographics, and longer ebooks. We created both generic and sector-specific versions of these assets.


The Result

Our disruptive objects got people’s attention. But they also represented – and demonstrated – the key topics of our campaign. They positioned Kronos as thought leaders. Generated leads. And set the ground for productive sales conversations (including with former clients who’d got back in touch). The campaign was extended into other countries in Europe off the back of the impact in the UK.

Here’s what Director of EMEA Field Marketing at Kronos, Fred Janssen, had to say:

“The Remarkable Humans campaign had one opportunity to cut through our cold prospects’ busy day, intrigue them and encourage engagement… As a lead-generating campaign, it ticked all the boxes to deliver leads and a pipeline of opportunities.”

Our campaign was shortlisted for an International B2B Marketing Award.


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