Driving up channel partner sales

Fujitsu. Catch Me If You Can


The Ask

IT sales – it’s a competitive world. Not just for salespeople, but for the vendors trying to get their buy-in. That’s why Fujitsu came to us when it needed to excite its channel partners about a new incentive – an all-inclusive trip to Dubai.

That should have been an easy sell, right? Well, perhaps not, when you consider the three things we know for sure about people on the sales floor.

They’re very busy. So, getting their attention is difficult.

There’s lots of competition for their attention. So, standing out from the crowd is essential.

They’re key to Fujitsu’s success. So, getting them to sell Fujitsu consistently is really important.


The Answer

When the heat’s on, an exciting incentive is a sure-fire way to make sales soar. To boost awareness of our client’s technology – and to bring some fun to the sales floor – we came up with a campaign that turned the incentive into a game.

Catch Me If You Can centred on an interactive portal with a Wacky Races feel. The mechanism was simple. Log sales activity. Score points. Climb the real-time leader board. Lord it over the other participants. Repeat.

By giving channel partners the chance to compete against colleagues and rival sales teams, we tapped into their competitive nature. And gave them yet another reason to push Fujitsu’s range of world-class products.

Securing sign-ups was only the first hurdle. We also needed to keep people revved up about the competition for its half-year duration. So, we kept them coming back for more with regular communications – about points, promotions, and progress. And built the excitement with regular focus days.

Not to forget the points-boosting digital scratch cards. These quick wins proved a firm favourite and helped keep everyone on track while the Dash for Dubai raced on.


The Results

We helped Fujitsu get channel partners talking about, and selling, its products. And we rewarded its partners in the process. In the first three months, our digital portal saw:

  • 1035 sales.
  • 267 individual channel players.
  • Just two technical support requests.

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