Making American Express’ big numbers even bigger

Blue Prism. X more.


The Ask

Blue Prism had been working with American Express for several years in its Automation Centre of Excellence. It had already helped the team achieve 10x ROI by fully automating numerous business processes.

What’s more, it was mandated to deliver 120 new processes and $15m in savings per year. So, there’s no denying Blue Prism had made an impact at
American Express. 

The problem was, it needed help expanding its reach within the huge, global organisation.


The Answer

How better to gain wider buy-in than by grabbing attention with the big numbers Blue Prism had already achieved?

For this 1-to-1, Strategic ABM campaign, we celebrated the results behind the relationship – and the even more impressive one's potential customers could achieve. By equating hard business results (such as 10x ROI) to quirky, human-centric outcomes (such as 10x woohoo) we tapped into the audience’s desire to see – and be seen for – the big results they could bring to their organisation.

After client buy-in, we applied our ‘X more’ concept to a go-to-account plan, then brought the campaign to life with content and personalised emails. All driving to demand-gen landing pages.


What our client said...

“This project wasn’t straightforward, there were lots of people involved and TMW were great.

They understood our business, had lots of invaluable insight, I was over the moon with output and they made it fun.

Great team.”

Stephanie Musal, Marketing Manager at SS&C Blue Prism


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