Crafting a brand story with care.

3stepIT. Taking care of the world's technology

The Ask

Technology-lifecycle management. There’s an opening sentence for you. That’s what 3stepIT does. What it means is that 3stepIT looks after the world’s technology. But who was looking after 3stepIT’s brand? The company was working wonders for sustainability across the globe. However, when it came to marketing, it was approaching brand from a local perspective.

3stepIT wanted one brand story its people could get behind. And its customers could buy into. With ambitious expansion plans on the horizon, it looked for someone to help create that story and bring it to life.


The Answer

Seven immersion sessions. 15 competitor references. 170 responses from two surveys. And over 250 post-it notes of workshop commentary.

As with most brand projects, the answer came from within. And from the people who know most about the company – its employees.

Perspectives from the front line through to the top table gave us a real sense of the company’s purpose, vision, mission, and values.

That was the foundation for an authentic story that set 3stepIT apart. It showed the company’s emotional side – hating waste and loving efficiency. Brought in some of its character – a little bit Nordic with a hint of minimalism. And it articulated what 3stepIT believes in - that by taking care of the world’s technology, it’s helping to take care of the world.

A brand book, style guidelines, brand anthem video, tone of voice, and several PPT decks later, 3stepIT had the platform it needed to:

  • Stand out and attract customers.
  • Energise its people and attract new talent.
  • Engage with partners, today and tomorrow.

The Result

From the brand’s purpose…

Take care of the world’s technology.

…to its vision…

To lead the world in technology-lifecycle management.

…and its mission…

Making organisations more sustainable – at every step

...each element of 3stepIT’s new, cohesive brand captures its caring, capable personality.

Here’s what CEO of 3stepIT, Carmen Ene, had to say:

“You and your team did a fantastic job, please convey this message to everyone. The results are well beyond our initial expectations – everything looks so light , refreshing, modern – only now we realised how old the ‘old’ ones look.”

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