It was March 2020, and we were getting ready to pull the trigger on a social media campaign for Domo.

Our target?

The casual dining industry.

Domo wasn’t the only client to put its marketing plans on hold when COVID-19 hit. And we weren’t the only agency affected.

Coca-Cola GB suspended all marketing in March.

Almost 55% of marketers postponed or at least reviewed their ad campaigns.

And, with nothing to replace it, the same sun-bleached poster for The Invisible Man has stayed on the sides of buses for close to a calendar year.

When the country went into lockdown and restaurants closed for the summer, our audience found new challenges to address. And while our client understandably took some time to reassess where it was spending its money, we tucked our campaign away for another day.

That day came in July, when restaurants reopened and Domo decided that, yes, it wanted to go ahead with the campaign. In fact, with restauranteurs looking for answers about their futures, there was no better time for Domo to offer its data-driven assistance.

We had to move fast, reinterpreting a familiar message for an audience facing unfamiliar circumstances. But in just a few weeks, we delivered a new spin on the Domo casual dining social campaign, helping restaurant owners answer the questions that really matter to their businesses.

Oh, and around the same time, at the end of July, Coca-Cola resumed its own UK marketing.

Here are a few examples of the work:

Author: Louisa Bray
Photography: Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash