How are you getting on?

Personally, I thrive in an empty house without any external stimulus. Gives me plenty of time to get real introspective. Nothing to do except talk to myself and dwell on exactly how I talk to myself. My tone of voice and the influences on it. What I say, how I say it, who I’m saying it to…

And what they think I sound like, not what I think they think I sound like.

Because I’d say I’m casual, like an Oasis campaign.

But my mum might say I’m open, like the famous Avis promise.

My boss would say I’m irreverent, like these ads for Visa.

And my ex-girlfriend would say why aren’t you taking this seriously, Tom?

It depends on what I’m saying.

I think I’m friendly, like a trendy oat drink.

And my mum would say I’m compassionate, like the packaging for Give-A-Care gifts.

But my boss would say I’m familiar, like those HSBC ads.

And my ex-girlfriend would say you told me you and Sam were just colleagues.

It depends on how I’m saying it.

I try to be enthusiastic, like these stories from Jack Daniels.

My mum would say I’m ambitious, like a Harley Davidson ad.

My boss would say I’m a tryhard, like some posters Musicbed ran.

And my ex-girlfriend would say not tonight, I have a headache.

It depends on who I’m talking to.

I’m pretty confident, like this ad for Snowbird Ski Resort.

My mum would say I’m bold, like these ads for the Guardian.

My boss would say I’m cocky, like anything Diesel puts out.

My ex-girlfriend would say I’m a cock.

A brand’s tone of voice is subjective, is the point.

You might not like some of them. You might not choose them for your own marketing. But just look at the great ads that brands have created with a clear tone of voice. With the help of agencies that knew how to interpret a set of guidelines – and make tone of voice work for the message, the medium, and the audience.

At TMW Business, we work within your tone of voice guidelines to do just that. Sometimes, we’ll suggest ways we could push them. Once or twice, we might even help you reconsider them. But we’re always looking for the best way for your brand to talk to your audience.

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I promise to be casual, friendly, enthusiastic, and confident.

Author: Tom Rippon

Originally posted on LinkedIn here